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What Does Lu's Sell For You?

Lu's Back Door sells seasonal, recent, quality, brand-name merchandise.

Great Stuff with Great Labels in Great Condition!

Just like the things YOU would like to find. Lu's does not sell discount store or Mart brands, or anything older than two years.

  • Fashions For Women, including clothing, handbags, accessories, shoes, outerwear, and jewelry. We do NOT accept business suits for women.
  • Baby & Children's Fashions & Accessories, including clothing, outerwear, shoes, boots, dress clothing, strollers, and high chairs. We do NOT accept car seats, bathtubs, or bedding for children. Check the CPSC Guidelines for childrens items.
  • Accessories, including belts, wallets, perfumes, bath toiletries, body lotions (unopened), and hair care products
  • Toys (perfect & quality) - board games (please make sure you have all the pieces), electronic games (with batteries), boxed puzzles (with all the pieces), Lego®, Brio®, please check the for CPSC Guidelines on toys.
  • Casual Clothing for Young Men, in brand names ONLY such as J. Crew®, Banana Republic®, Gap®, Tommy Bahama®, Abercrombie & Fitch®, Hollister®. We do NOT accept suits or dress clothes for men.
  • Decorative items and collectibles (boutique items, not garage sale items), including small furniture, framed pictures and artwork, glassware, complete sets of dishes and flatware, lamps, frames, and holiday items
  • Household items, including books (published in the last 4 years) and cookbooks, DVDs, small appliances, dishes, comforters & bedding, table cloths, placemats, and non-custom draperies
Please note: Consignment checks are void after 90 days. Monies not collected within 12 months of your initial consignment date are forfeited to Lu's, and your inactive account will be closed.