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Mother and daughter Lu R. and Lu J. loved searching for treasures to set up Lu's first apartment. What they found were treasures too good to pass up. An idea was born, and soon a shop was rented. Rent was low in the back of a house, and the two Lu's opened the doors on Pleasant Street in the village of Fairport in October, 1974. Both Lu's had a flair for style, an eye for quality, and a frugal mindset. Customers found them, supported them, and enhanced their shop with things from their homes and later, their closets. They determined that 50/50% was a fair split, and later learned the term for that kind of store was a consignment shop. From the first day, customers determined what they wanted to buy and what they wanted to sell. We are proud that they started our long-standing reputation for quality and fairness. Mom Lu retired in 1993, and Lu Ann in 2011.

Thanks to the support of our loyal customers and consignors, the dedication and care of a great staff, and the help and support of a wonderful family, Lu's Back Door is bursting with pride for our first 39 years. We are excited for all the future will bring. You bring us your best, and we do our best. Thank you for making it so fun and wonderful!

I was Lu Ann's business partner and store manager for many years. When Lu Ann retired, it was only a natural progression that I buy the business to continue on with what I know and love. Lu and Lu Ann taught me everything I know about the business, and I am forever grateful for learning from the best! Teresa, Owner, Lu's Back Door


Teresa...serving Lu's customers since June 1986

TeresaMy life at Lu's Back Door started before I was in High School. I used to shop on Pleasant Street, when Zena and Jordache jeans were the latest trend. My favorite brand to shop for at that time was Espirit! Fast forward to 1986 when I was 20 years old and working at JC Penney. Lu Ann rescued me from a life of working retail at the mall!

Twenty-six years ago when I started at Lu's we really dressed for work. It took an hour to do our hair! No outfit was complete without high-heel shoes that we worked in all day long. We hand-wrote receipts and tags and at the end of the day we "sold" all the tickets from that day! When you brought your items to Lu's, you waited in line for the sign-up sheet. Before I knew it, the years flew by! We moved racks, painted walls, cleaned the carpets, and kept the store sparkling. We expanded our space, and then finally built a brand-new building that we are in today.

Life flies by, but every day is a new experience for me. I was the manager at Lu's for 10 years, and now my dream has come true - I am the proud owner of a store I have loved all my life! I think of every customer as a friend and love hearing about their lives. We are a very close Lu's family and I treasure every employee. Each one brings something special to the store. My life is now complete with my husband, two children, and my career at Lu's! In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling, and drinking wonderful red wine and champagne! Contact Teresa at

Pam...serving Lu's customers since August 1993

PamHow I became part of the staff at Lu's...I was part of this wonderful store before I worked behind the counter. I used to go in and shop for work clothes and I'd spend hours in the store, trying on all the things Lu Ann would hand me, as I floated around looking for the next wonderful piece of clothing. I would say, "Well, I have to have this, too," and as the pile on the counter grew, I would say, "how about a layaway?" knowing I couldn't part with any of them!

At that time I was working as a hairdresser in the Village of Fairport, and one day Lu Ann walked into the shop. Honestly, I was nervous, since Lu was always so fashionable, and I knew everyone shopping at Lu's would see her haircut and my work! But, Lu instantly made me feel comfortable, and was kind and easily pleased. She is truly lovely inside and out.

On one of my shopping trips to Lu's, Luann said to me, "Why don't you come and work for me a couple of days a week?" I instantly accepted, wondering if I would fit in, or if I had enough flair to work at Lu's. But, I loved clothes, and I loved the staff since I had shopped there so much in the past. But, very soon I was designing displays, with Lu's guidance and encouragement. I knew I had found a place where I fit in and I could grow as a person and an employee. I knew I would never want to leave this positive place where I could be part of another family...that is why I love it here. I always tell people that Lu's is my dream job...where I can work, love my co-workers and my managers, the customers...and it is all real! Contact Pam at

Madge...serving Lu's customers since August 1995

MadgeMadge is the go-to-girl for fashion advice at Lu's, and for many of our customers. She can layer any ten items and look like she just returned from seeing her family in Paris. Madge works her magic on all the displays at Lu's, as well as parties and events. Need advice on a center-piece or a party plan? Ask Madge. We asked for her help in 1995, and never let go of her!

Madge has three children, two of them international. She has a bilingual Parisian grandson, and in 2009 became the proud grandmother to twins! She is currently sharing her family home in the city of Rochester with her three grand-dogs. Madge enjoys traveling - especially to the Dominican Republic and Paris - gardening, landscaping, and decorating. Madge decorates herself, her beautiful home in the city, all of us at Lu's, and many of Lu's customers! Contact Madge at




Brenda...serving Lu's customers since August 2006

BrendaOne day in 2006, Brenda told Lu on the way out the door that if we ever needed any help, she would love to work here. We found room for her and appreciate her more and more each day! Brenda is kind, soft-spoken, helpful, a great team player, and she always gets along with everyone. She puts the fun in fashion, and looks great every day!

Brenda is married, lives in Penfield, has four children and five grandchildren. She loves the outdoors and grew up on a hundred-acre farm in Vermont. She enjoys sewing, jewelry making, and crafts. She excels at helping people put outfits together, and just plain loves the crew she works with! Contact Brenda at


Erica...serving Lu's customers since June 2010

EricaAs a stay-at-home mother of six children, Erica enjoyed shopping at Lu's for both economic and social reasons. Shopping at Lu's was always the highlight of her week. Over the years she formed friendships with staff members and Teresa came to know the details of her life. Erica needed a stepping stone in order to change her circumstances and Teresa graciously provided it. Grateful for the love and support, Erica seized the opportunity to work with amazing and incredibly supportive women, and is thankful to meet wonderful women every day - each one with a story of her own. Contact Erica at















Please note: Consignment checks are void after 90 days. Monies not collected within 12 months of your initial consignment date are forfeited to Lu's, and your inactive account will be closed.