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Consignment Guidelines

We make it a practice to examine merchandise for safety purposes before we accept it, especially toys and clothing articles for children. However, we encourage our customers to visit the following safety sites before making a purchase from any resale or consignment shop:

CPSC Guidelines We are Following at Lu's Back Door

We have endlessly researched the issue of product safety and have come to understand that the higher-end manufacturers of children's clothing and toys (e.g. Gymboree®, GAP®, and Carters®) have complied with the standards for lead and phthalates for more than three years. Those NOT meeting these standards were mostly (but not ALWAYS) sold through dollar stores, Kmart®, and lower-end retailers. We are very strict on the age of children's clothing and do not accept anything older than two years. By following these standards, we demonstrate our commitment to the safety of your children and our commitment to stay in the children's resale business.

Product CPSC Guideline
Recalled Products Illegal to sell ANY recalled product (for adults as well as children). Before taking into inventory or selling a product, check the CPSC Website for dangerous recalled products including cribs, play yards, strollers, high chairs, toys with magnets, toys that are choking hazards, and other products.
Books – "ordinary" children's titles e.g. paperbacks and hardbacks OK to sell, if printed after 1985
Cheap children's metal jewelry Best to test, contact the manufacturer, or not sell
Unpainted / untreated wood toys OK to sell
Painted wood or metal toys Best to test, contact the manufacturer, or not sell
Toys with soft plastic that are made for infants Should be OK to sell if made for sale after February 10, 2009. If older (or if the date of manufacture is unknown) check with manufacturer or do not sell
Dyed or undyed children's clothing made from natural, untreated cotton, silk, wool, hemp, flax, linen, and other untreated natural materials including coral, amber, feathers, fur and leather OK to sell
Clothes with rhinestones, metal or vinyl snaps, zippers, closures or appliqués. Best to test, contact the manufacturer, or not sell
Surgical steel; precious metals such as gold (at least 10 karat) and sterling silver (at least 925/1000); precious and semi-precious gemstones (excluding a list of stones that are associated in nature with lead); natural or cultured pearls OK to sell
Toys that are easily breakable into small parts including dolls and stuffed toys that have eyes, noses, or other small parts that are not securely fastened Best not to sell (for children under 3) could present a choking hazard


Please note: Consignment checks are void after 90 days. Monies not collected within 12 months of your initial consignment date are forfeited to Lu's, and your inactive account will be closed.